Flashpage v2a 1@2x14 February 2017

Found a developer who’s agreed to take on completing version 2. Finally, some progress!

02 February 2017

I’ve included a few new cartridges into the library. 17 Remington, the new Noslers, 22, 26, 28, 30 and 33 as well as the 6.5mm Weatherbys. As you’ve no doubt guessed, I am still struggling to complete version 2 myself.

25 March 2016

My developer has had to stop work for me as he is receiving chemotherapy and just isn’t up for coding. I have the source code and I’ve have been out to market to find another developer twice now, but none yet are interesting in picking CartridgeChooser v2 up as it’s 80-90% done. I’m having a go at finishing it off myself.

21 February 2016

I’ve received the code base that my developer got done and today I went out requesting a quote from a couple of new developers to finish it off. See how we get on…

31 January 2016

Sorry about the slow progress with version 2. My developer has been very ill, in and out of hospital and out of contact without warning when this happens. As we are both ‘one man bands’, patience is my plan.

21 November 2015

Yes its been a while. Testing on version 2 is progressing, albeit slowly. The air – print and share functionality is working fine and the save favourites is OK, a few bugs to clean up. The ‘calculate your own’; is proving the biggest challenge but progress is being made. Not long now.

29 August 2015

The first round of testing was completed this week. Air Print is working fine, so is send via email. Post to Facebook, messenger and Save Favourite Summaries need some work. Calculate your own is being written this week.

22 August 2015

Version 2 goes to test this week!. I’ll put up some early screen shots. Tell me what you think at Community

19 August 2015

I just testing my AD…Cartridge Chooser Version 2 is not yet ready for sale…


10 July 2015

I’m back. We’ve begun development of CartridgeChooser v2. It will include additional features such as:

  • User save Summary Views.
  • Calculate user defined cartridge (which go into a User Cartridge Library).
  • Share extension, with printing options to share with facebook, icloud, email and so on…
  • Back up to iCloud.

If you already have version 1 you will get the upgrade to version 2 free upon release.

13 June 2015


BRNO Mod 2

I’ll be off-the-air for a couple of weeks..going hunting with my son.

In the meantime I am seeking quotes to add ‘calculate your own’, a ‘save’ function and a ‘share extension’ for better pdf, Facebook, email, printing etc. I’ll keep you posted on my return.

03 June 2015

It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve been contributing to Wikipedia. See here:


260 Remington7mm-08 Remington – 7mm Remington Magnum

243 Winchester – 308 Winchester300 Winchester Magnum338 Winchester Magnum

375 H&H Magnum

19 May 2015

6in-Medium Bore MPBR

Medium Bore Cartridge Comparison

This week I’ve summarised Chuck’s “Medium Bore Rifle Cartridge Comparison” in pictures using CartridgeChooser to help visualise the cartridge MPBR. Chuck provides the SD and BC in this comparison so the visualisation is more aligned with Chucks data.

Here is the MPBR view to accompany the article


Flat shooting 2 inch MPBR

11 May 2015

I’ve added more cartridges, including my favourite calibre’s and loads. I have a battery that includes 308 Win, 22 Hornet, 222 Rem and 30-30. I find the 308 recoil is a bit oppressive and so my next rifle will be either 260 Remington or 243 Win. If I find a property in New Zealand it will be the 260 I go for, if a roo shoot, then the 243. The 7mm Weatherby is just a dream for now. It’s more gun than I need, but with that full pound extra rifle weight the recoil should be comparable to my 308.

10 May 2015

I zero my rifle for a 2 inch MPBR since my eyes aren’t what they used to be and I don’t take a shot beyond 100 yards anyway. There are now over 460 cartridges and loads in CartridgeChooser to explore pretty much any desire.

25 April 2015

I’ve been back reading Chuck’s “The Great All-Round Rifle Cartridge Comparison” and entering those cartridges into CartridgeChooser to get a visualisation of what he describes. I  know that for the cartridges in question a variation in Ballistic Coefficient when compared to the cartridges chosen by Chuck will make about a 10 yd difference in MPBR.

6in-23 Apr Summarya

Summary View of Cartridge Parameters

So here is the Summary view from CartridgeChooser showing the data. You can see CartridgeChooser’s MPBR differs by 5% for 308Win-180gr and less than 1% for 7mmRem Mag-160gr when compared to Chuck’s calculations. This may be due to my selecting different Ballistic Coefficient or to environmental differences like different temperature or humidity. In any case we only differ by at most 13 yds, so not a big deal.

Here is the MPBR view from CartridgeChooser to accompany the Guns and Shooting Online article “The Great All-Round Rifle Cartridge Comparison”.

6in-23Apr MPBR

6 Inch Maximum Point Blank Range

6in-23 Apr SDBC

Sectional Density vs Ballistic Coefficient

22 April 2015

Fix to MPBR view now available.

19 April 2015

Still waiting for Apple to review the fix to Imperial MPBR label that reads feet when it should read yards. The calculation and chart are fine, its just the label that needs fixing. Anyway, the fix went up last Monday, but we are still ‘waiting for review’. When its up, I’ll post some more short articles I’ve been working through.

15 April 2015

OK, I’ve included a range of Weatherby cartridges into the dataset.

6in-15Aprv1 MPBR

A Small Selection of Weatherby Cartridges

6in-15Aprv1 SDBC

Sectional Density vs Ballistic Coefficient

11 April 2015

A year or two back I started reading Chucks Hawk’s Guns and Shooting Online. Chuck has a lot of great information on his site and my personal favourites are the Rifle Cartridge Comparison pages. These pages are full of useful facts and figures to help the serious buyer (and the dreamer who wished he could afford just one more…) As much as I love Chuck’s site it’s a bit short on pictures for visual types like me. I find it quite hard to really compare cartridges and rifles without something graphical, so it got me thinking… and CartridgeChooser is the result.

So today as I was reading Chuck’s “The Great All-Round Rifle Cartridge Comparison“, I browsed through the cartridges in CartridgeChooser’s library to find those that match the ones Chuck describes. Problem is Chuck doesn’t quote Ballistic Coefficient (BC) in this particular article. So how important is BC? Would it matter if the cartridges I choose had slightly different BC’s than those selected by Chuck?

Turns out it does, at least a little. On the right below is a figure from CartridgeChooser’s SD vs BC view where I have selected pairs of cartridges which only differ in BC. Observe how the pair of 7mmRemMag 150gr (black) differ in BC noticeably more than do the pair of 270Rem 130gr (red).

6in-11APRa MPBR

6 inch Maximum Point Blank Range (Higher BC)

6in-11APRa SDBC

Sectional Density vs Ballistic Coefficient

CartridgeChooser’s MPBR view (above-left) shows Maximum Point Blank Range on the horizontal axis and Game Class on the vertical axis. Look at each pair of 7mmRemMag (black) and 270Rem (red) here. See how the larger difference in BC for 7mmRemMag (black) has not translated into a significantly improved MPBR when compared to the 270Rem (red). In fact the difference in MPBR for both pairs is almost the same. Perhaps differences in BC affect projectiles with low BC more than those with high BC. Looking at the 308Win 150gr (dark blue) confirms that this is a possibility. See that 308Win 150gr differs in BC by about the same amount as the 7mmRemMag, yet the difference in MPBR between these two otherwise identical projectiles is greater than for the pair of 7mmRemMag projectiles.

This suggests it is the percentage difference in BC between projectiles of the same calibre that counts. So (next week) when I compare Chuck’s cartridges in  “The Great All-Round Rifle Cartridge Comparison”, the cartridges with a BC above 0.4 will not be too sensitive if I enter the wrong BC. If I’m out by 0.1 it will translate to less than  +/- 10 yds or so, when compared to Chuck’s MPBR figures. But when comparing projectiles with BC below 0.3, being out by 0.05 translates to something more like 20 yds (See next Figures).

6in-11APRb MPBR

6 Inch Maximum Point Blank Range (Lower BC)

6in- 11APRb SDBC

Sectional Density vs Ballistic Coefficient

05 April 2015

I spent Easter Sunday browsing Chuck Hawk’s Guns and Shooting Online (as I do too often according to my wife). Anyway, with the release of CartridgeChooser, I have been exploring a variety of magnum cartridges that I’d otherwise never be able to put to good use or afford). I had been reading about 7mm Remington magnum vs Weatherby’s 7mm magnum when I turned to Chuck’s comparison of 30-06 Springfield and 7mm Remington Magnum. The stand out to me was how Chuck says the 30-06 gives less recoil than the 7mm Rem Mag. That worried me because Chuck knows what he is talking about, but CartridgeChooser shows the 7mm Remington has about the same recoil (comparing 150gr projectiles). But as I read on Chuck points out that the recoil is about the same if the 7mm Rem mag weighs a half pound more than the 30-06. Sure enough, CartridgeChooser assumes the 7mm magnum is about a half pound heavier. When I check SAKO, Weatherby and Ruger’s sites, the rifles for these calibres do indeed vary by about a half pound. So all good!


6 inch MPBR


when it comes to Ballistic Coefficient…7mm rule!

03 April 2015

CartridgeChooser now finally on sale. Check it out on the App Store…   See the sidebar >>>>

25 Mar 2015

CartridgeChooser now in review….waiting…waiting…

In the meantime… my plans to enhance Cartridge Chooser are:

  • A better pdf solution.
  • A portrait flash page.
  • Ability to ‘save favourite Summaries, say up to five per MBPR setting.
  • Touch cartridge label in MPBR view opens wikipedia page for that calibre.
  • Calculate your own loads (although at first only for an MPBR already purchased and with the same environmental parameters such as temperature and pressure…)
  • Perhaps a 1 inch MPBR table….

11 Mar 2015

App now submitted for review…

8 Mar 2015

The fifth and final round of testing is complete. Look changed a little.




24 Feb 2015

The fourth round of testing is complete. All the filters work. The zoom in and out works, load performance has improved. Not long now…

08 Feb 2015

The third round of testing that focussed on getting the filters and experience right is now complete. Now primarily working to improve file load performance and iron out wrinkles in how results are displayed.

01 Feb 2015

Second round of testing complete. User experience pretty good. Test round 3 will work through the data in detail to ensure accuracy and that the filters are working correctly.I’ll get some screen shots together to put here.



24 Jan 2015

Cartridge Chooser is currently in test.

22 Dec 2014

Well it has been a while.. but now we’re back and a with a new product on the way. CartridgeChooser uses published ballistics data to estimate cartridge performance. By calculating a series of trajectories for each cartridge using the G1 model, CartridgeChooser finds the Maximum Point Blank Range for each cartridge given a maximum Line of Sight deviation of 3 inches (76mm). See here for an explanation.

Cartridge Choser Banner AD 129 July 2013

Have been away for a while. But now we have a ‘How To’ video for In Control. Check it out under Products.

23 June 2013

The last couple of weeks has been spent working on the Android version of InControl. It should be ready for release by early July. We have been scripting up a marketing video to support InControl and kick start our marketing drive in Late July.

I have also been designing FindIt, a Bayesian search application to assist bug searches.

2 June 2013

Have been working on the next App, a tool for anyone searching for a bug or a fault. It uses Baysian Inference to ensure that the search for a problem is done in the most efficient sequence possible, given what you know from the symptoms and experience.

21 May 2013

Using Firefox got those screen shots into the Support page. Hopefully this walk-through will help any users having difficulty using the App. May not leave it like this permanently. Instead after its been on the main page for a while I might move the walkthrough into a linked pdf.

19 May 2013

I am still having trouble pasting those screen shots into the Support page. Sorry about the lack of diagrams. I’ve asked my web support to help out. Most of today was spent spamming some friends, cajoling them into trying InControl to so that I get some feedback. For those of you with Android devices, I’m working on the Android version now.

10 May 2013

Well I’ve improved it a bit. At least there is an FAQ on the FAQ instead of Latin! I have put a ‘how to’ onto the support page but cant figure how to embed the screen shots. Perhaps I’ll do a YouTube Video instead. Anyway, enough website stuff.. back to developing products.

3 May 2013

Well today is the start of a new bold venture into on-line commerce. Will we survive? The odds say no, but what the hell. You only live once!