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  1. ZoomNoodle77

    Glad to hear from you. I’m getting the funding together now for a version 2 that adds a ‘calculate your own’ and improved save & print capabilities. Releasing to Android is quite expensive, but the plan is to release v2 for Android as well as iOS.

  2. Ron, Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

    I’ll look into what it takes to add AirPrint.

    I was planning to invest in giving users the ability to enter their own loads, save some favourite summaries and improve the pdf export quality.
    Do any of these appeal? Any I should drop in favour of AirPrinting?
    I need to focus what I invest in.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi, I purchased this complete with plugins, so to print my chart I have to get off my iPad to use a PC to connect to iTunes to download a chart? If this is true, your made a terrible mistake, I should be able to AirPrint whatever I need. Wouldn’t that be easer? I sure couldn\’t find any way to print, without that this has limited usage. Thanks again, RON

  4. John Milton

    A Weatherby Mark V rifle weighs 8lb. This is a full pound more than a typical short action 308. This means that the rearward velocity of the Weatherby rifle, firing a 175 gr projectile at 3070 fps is similar to the rearward velocity of a short action 308 rifle firing a 178gr projectile at 2779 fps. Granted the report and muzzle blast of the Weatherby is greater, so psychologically people usually jump more. But the actual recoil into your shoulder is similar.

  5. Your blog shows 7mm Weatherby Mag having similar recoil to a 308! That can’t be right.

  6. The full range of Weatherby cartridges are now loaded into CartridgeChooser.

  7. Love your app. Not many Weatherby cartridges though. Your site says you’ll add customer requests. How about the Weatherby cartridges on the ballistics chart here:

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