Are you considering a new rifle? You’ve probably checked on-line sites for advice, considered the game you are most likely to hunt, the terrain you are most likely to encounter. You might even have tried a friend’s rifle, but you’re still unsure about which rifle is right for you. So much choice! Well, CartridgeChooser can help, and be a bit of fun on the way.

CartridgeChooser is a tool for comparing the relative performance of various cartridges. If you are familiar with a particular cartridge and load, then including it in the summary view provides a reference point against which you can compare other cartridges. I usually choose .308 in a variety of loads, or for smaller calibre’s I select .222, as I have used these in a number of situations over many years and am familiar with their performance and recoil. Then I add the cartridges I am interested in; .243, 7mm-08, etc. CartridgeChooser is a cost effective way to ‘what-if’ a variety of cartridges in a visually intuitive way. It’s certainly cheaper and easier than trying a dozen carriages and loads. Of course when you’ve narrowed down the choice you need to go and try them for real….

CartridgeChooser uses published ballistics data to estimate cartridge performance. By calculating a series of trajectories for each cartridge using the G1 model, CartridgeChooser finds the six inch Maximum Point Blank Range for each cartridge. Additional features can be obtained via in-App purchases:

– An additional data sheet with two inch Maximum Point Blank Range.

– A filter to assist finding appropriate cartridges in the Library view of over 370 cartridges and loads.

Both of these in-App purchases include the option to export the Summary and associated Bubble views as a file.

If sales go well I will build a Pro version which includes the calculation engine so you can add your own loads. The Pro version shall also include the ability to save the current summary and bubble views as additional read-only tabs and all of above options. Visit our Community page and tell us how you’d like the product improved. More information about CartridgeChooser is here and under FAQs.



InControlAppIcon 512x512

Do you need a quick and reliable way to focus on what is going wrong, where and why? Here is a simple rule of thumb used the world over, presented in a dashboard interface. InControl presents changes to key schedule indicators in a clear and intuitive display, providing early warning of the challenges ahead.

All projects face some degree of schedule risk. Executive oversight has to tread a fine line between a reasonable degree of slippage and slippage that is a warning of impending failure. How much slippage means the project manager doesn’t know what they are doing? When is the project is getting out of control? When to make the call?

The key to judging schedule slippage is watching a few well chosen milestones. When they move out, do they move faster than the days are passing? If a milestone set in January for delivery in June, is amended in March for delivery in December, it is receding into the future faster than the clock is ticking. You are headed for trouble!

InControl will warn you of this impending doom. By entering and updating key milestones, InControl provides a clear indication of both the instantaneous slippage and the running average slippage. A traffic light indicator alarms when these exceed your tolerance.

InControl is a simple rule-of-thumb tool. Any decisions made through the use of this tool are the responsibility of the user. 

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