CHOOSING THE RIGHT RIFLE CALIBRE … First Consider your terrain, game and ability…

What game are you most likely to hunt? What sort of terrain will you traverse…so what ranges are you likely to shoot over? Are you accurate beyond +250yards or do you prefer to keep it tight and under 150yds? What does the terrain dictate? Is it close or open country? Have a read of Chuck Hawk’s “Guns and Shooting Online“. Chuck has some great practical advice. Also CartridgeChooser can hep.

Instead of comparing lists of numbers across dozens of calibre’s and loads, CartridgeChooser compares cartridge performance with a simple bubble chart. CartridgeChooser uses published ballistics data to show Sectional Density, Ballistic Coefficient , Game class, Max Point blank range and relative recoil. Just select the calibre’s/loads you want to compare and CartridgeChooser displays the performance for you. When you know the calibre you need…then look for the rifle matching your budget and desire(Some are truly beautiful to behold).

The Control view is is where you can select imperial or metric display, apply filters to the Library view so its easier to find the cartridge you are after and swap between 6 inch MPBR and 2 inch MPBR options.

The Library view is used to view the full list of over 480 stored cartridges and select which of these are to appear in the Summary view.

The Summary view displays the cartridges selected from the Library view, changes the colour associated with a cartridge in the MPBR and SD-BC views. The Summary view adds a calculated column, Relative Recoil, where Relative Recoil = [Recoil /Max] and Max is maximum recoil in the Summary rows. Users can also select a cartridge as the recoil reference cartridge in lieu of the MAX cartridge. COMING SOON in version 2 – Save summary views.

The MPBR view is a bubble chart that displays each summarised cartridge as a bubble whose size is proportional to recoil while its location on the chart is determined by Game Class vs Maximum Point Blank Range.

The SD-BC view is a bubble chart that displays each summarised cartridge as a bubble whose size is proportional to recoil while its location on the chart is determined by Sectional Density vs Ballistic Coefficient.

If you find the graphs overlap too much in the bubble charts making them difficult to read, it may be that you have an outlier which, due to screen size limitations, cramps the other cartridges together. Removing the outlier should improve readability.

Parameters Used by Application CartridgeChooserWebPageIcon
Atmospheric Pressure: 1013mBar (101.325 KPa)

Temperature: 77F (25C)

Relative Humidity: 78%

Scope Height above barrel: 2inches (50mm)

Time Increments: 1millisecond

Angle Increments: 1/100 MOA

Drag Model: G1



COMING SOON – Calculate User Cartridge Allows  construction of your own library of cartridges and the creation of Summary views combining your cartridges with the default library cartridges. No more waiting for the default library to be updated!Flashpage v2a 1@2x

User Input Parameters COMING SOON in Version 2!

CartridgeLabel: User’s label for the cartridge.
Projectile Weight.
Sectional Density of the Projectile.
Ballistic Coefficient of the Projectile.
Muzzle Velocity.
Rifle Weight.

(The estimated recoil may be misleading relative to cartridges from the main library if your input rifle weight deviates from the weight in the default library).

COMING SOON – Share Extension Users are able to choose where to export the current view, PDF, Facebook, AirPrint, iCloud, email, etc.

COMING SOON – Backup to iCloud Files and data will be saved to your current device and synced to iCloud. You will be able to restore to any device from iCloud. (iCloud back up will need to be turned on with sufficient space available.)

Do you want an Android version? Which devices do you prefer? Tell me at Community.

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